Public Art Project
My Boston, 2005, Performance, Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, USA

When I was young, my mother often told me "You have to study hard so when you grow up you have a bright future." But I never liked to read books. Whenever I read a book my mind always wanders off and I fall fast asleep. I tried many different ways to keep myself awake and concentrate. For example, I would bite my hands, stab my flesh with a pen, and in winter I would dunk my head into a pot of freezing cold water. I couldn’t help it, I would forget what I read immediately, so I read again and I still can’t remember, not to mention I couldn’t understand it at all. Later on, I had a great idea. Everyday I’d tear a page out of a book and eat it. The result was I couldn’t digest it at all, and I shit out the exact same thing as I ate. I had many dreams involving books. In one of the dreams I discover all the books that I have ever owned were being blown all over the sky by a mighty wind. Suddenly, in a split second, all the books were floating on the river toward the East. it was very unpredictable.