Public Art Project
Peace, 2003, Performance, Presented by Creative Time, Inc. As Part of Art on the Plaza,
Ritz-Carlton New York, Battery Park, New York, USA
This performance began with acrobatic fighting, involving twenty-eight disciples from the Shaolin Temple performing Chinese Kung-Fu, and sword and weapons skills, overwhelming the senses of the spectators. The sculpture was covered with a translucent bluish-green tent and was set off in the dim light of Manhattan’s evening, creating a mystical atmosphere. One hundred doves were released from their coops, some flying towards the spectators, some staying in the tent as before with spread wings dancing in the air. With a bare torso and standing on still, I wore a long grass-green draggle tail. Attached to the front and back of my left shoulder were thirty suction jars of various sizes. Hung from my waist were eight transparent plastic bags, each containing a black guinea fowl. I began to release the guinea fowl and threw them towards the audience. Due to the fact that guinea fowl resemble vicious -looking vultures, they formed a stark contrast with the flock of white doves. Since the Shaolin Kung-Fu advocates integrity, the audience sensed a strong desire for the unattainable dream of peace. I wanted to use the suction jars, an example of traditional Chinese medical therapy, to suck out the inauspicious atmosphere from Manhattan. After the curtains fell, tolerant and lenient Buddhist music was played. Peace was finally brought to the audience.

I try to connect Shaolin Kung-Fu with contemporary art. I borrow traditional Buddhist cultural motifs express new meaning in current society. Shaolin Kung-Fu’s spirit is: Justice, Forgive, Universal Love.