Public Art Project
Pilgrimage to Santiago, 2001, Performance, Museo das Perigrinacions, Spain
Pilgrimage to Santiago

Ever since the beginning of humanity till the present time, life has become more and more like an imprisonment with no exit. This is an animal world that we live in. Our life-cycle is one where the big fish eats the small one, and the small one eats the tiny shrimp. We are in the cruel reality of eating others or being eaten by others, killing others or being killed by others. No previous era surpasses in the distinct animality of today’s mankind.

We work vehemently all year round, leaving no time to enjoy the family, to pay respects to our parents, to take care of our wives and children, to do physical exercise and most important, to have enough time to sleep at night. All we have is junk food and an endless supply of multi-vitamin pills. Our world is dominated by global companies that sell computers and mobile telephones. This fast lifestyle of rushing and jet-lag commuting is such an obsession. I hate flying. I fear the sensation of flying here and there in the stratosphere of the clouds. Often the side effect is that when we eventually go to bed at night, we have to face insomnia.

Who has create this suffocating system? Why are we so intoxicated by it?

I have a dream that I am a thousand-year-old turtle facing rocks all my life, chewing fresh grasses, sucking the dew drops, breathing the fresh air, listening to the echoing sounds of a natural landscape of high mountains and flowing water with birds above singing in the air. I will then enjoy my peace in the long hibernation period.

I shall piously immerse myself in the incense burner, to cleanse myself to any iniquitous odor in human nature with the sacred incense, and to attain new body and soul for life.